If you are looking for the unusable desert eagle in Hotline Miami's finale, see Pistol.

The 9mm is a common handgun in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, it is commonly found in the hands of Gang Members and Policemen, it is also dual welded by Soviet Dodgers, Ash Davis starts with a 9mm. It is one of the most common weapons in early levels although it is rarely seen later on, where it is largely replaced with the Silenced Heavy Pistol.

The 9mm is also a cut weapon from the original Hotline Miami.


The 9mm is a weapon that is commonly used by gang members, the Miami police department and Ash Davis. The 9mm is duel wielded by Soviet Dodgers, although the player can not pick up the pistols from them. The 9mm is semi automatic, has a 15 round magazine and is fairly inaccurate, it is functionally identical to the Silenced Pistol, albeit without the silencer and with a higher magazine size (15 rounds).

It is somewhat inaccurate and weak, Player characters can typically survive one shot, but it's possible to survive two. All enemies except for Thugs will die in one shot from the 9mm.

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  • In Hotline Miami 2, the 9mm is now the second most common firearm, being used by the police, Ash and gang members, only beaten by the Shotgun.
  • In the Hotline Miami game files, the sprites for the Policemen using the 9mm go under "sprPoliceWalkGun" and "sprPoliceSearchGun" meaning that in the beta the 9mm was known as the "Gun".
    • It's unknown why it was removed, but it's possible that Dennaton had no time to finish it, or Dennaton thought there were enough weapons in the game.
  • Strangely, the Beretta 92FS is used by the Soviet Dodgers during the Hawaiian Conflict levels, despite the fact that it is an Italian pistol and uses the 9x19mm round that is uncommon in Communist countries like the Soviet Union. A more appropriate pistol for the Soviet Dodgers would be the Makarov PM or the Tokarev TT-33.
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