The Acid Canister is the only throw-only weapon found in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Acid can only be found in the meth labs (the areas that explode when shot) in Withdrawal.

Statistics Edit

The Acid can only be thrown, it is one use and will kill an enemy if it hits, although this makes the weapon somewhat redundant while using the Jake Mask as every weapon will kill if thrown, it is useful weapon when not using the Jake Mask.

The Acid can also be used to execute enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • (Wiki Trivia) The quote "Add Muriatic Acid to continue the process!" is from the game, Payday 2. Probably with the partnership between Overkill and Dennaton.
  • (Wiki Trivia) the quote "Can't Trip on This" is a reference to LSD, also called Acid.
  • Very rarely, the Acid weapon will not "spill" it's contents when thrown.

Gallery Edit

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