Strange, glowing and pulsating folia is common in the volcanic region of Hawai'i...



Alien Plants are pulsating flora common in the volcanic region seen in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number's Hawaii levels. They are never verbally referenced in the game directly, but the game's files lists their sprites as Alien Plants. Their purpose is apparently to cast events as alien-influenced. Their color scheme is similar to the one seen in Showdown and on the Pills.

Appearances Edit

Ambush Edit



sprElisAlienPlant4 and sprElisAlienPlant1 appear outside the tiki bar in the intro. Notable events include the Fans meeting, Barnes and Daniels starting a drinking contest (Barnes commenting that he feels too drunk and blames the heat), and the taking of the Polaroid. Alien Plant 1 constricts shut as players approach it and opens as players walk away from it.




Stronghold Edit



sprElisAlienPlant3 appears by the surf boards in the intro. sprElisAlienPlant4 again appears by the camp in the intro. Plant1 appears in the jungle transition to the main level. Notable events include the Colonel becoming disillusioned with the war, the Colonel being slated for promotion to Lieutenant General, the Colonel forming the future 50 Blessings logo on a turtle corpse's shell, Beard saying his goal is to eventually open a convenience store, and Beard ominously saying "Things never turn out the way you expect them too," and the Colonel taking a long time to navigate his way to the resort, apparently receiving more orders.

Trivia Edit

  • Weirdflora

    "Weird flora" concept art.

    Dennis Wedin's Gamer Edition art book's section on strange Hawaiian flora says "we wanted the setting to have a outerworldly vibe, almost like a dream," and concept art shows palm trees with moving tentacles. Tonally, it cites Jacob's Ladder, Apocalypse Now, and Blood Meridian as inspirations.

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