Andy[1] is a minor character that appears in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Andy appears only once as Henchman is leaving the chop shop at the end of No Mercy. He wears several piercings on his head, nose, and mouth.

Background Edit

Andy's first alluded to in the outro to Moving Up on December 2nd, as a chop shop worker who Ash mentions owes him a favor. Tony is told to take the van to him to repair it.

Andy is first seen as the Henchman exits No Mercy on November 21st, where he nervously tells Henchman that he just works there and wasn't trying to get away. The Henchman, having cleared the shop and gotten his money, decides to spare Andy's life. Andy runs off.

At some point around November 22nd, Andy informs the Fans of Henchman's location in a low-level gang controlled drug den. They clear it out and kill the Henchman as the favor Ash alludes to in Moving Up.

References Edit

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