Aubrey, also known as Scar, is a minor character in Hotline Miami.

Background Edit

Aubrey is an operative of 50 Blessings who introduced Biker to the organization, the phonecalls and the killings. Apparently his hideout is an old restaurant. He is dressed like a waiter or a cook and wears a pig mask which falls off his head afterwards.

During the intro of Safehouse, he is being interrogated by Biker about how to leave 50 Blessings. Aubrey points at a little Chinese restaurant where the guy behind the Phone Hom connection is hiding. Then states that he is "as good as dead anyway", implying that 50 Blessings may kill him for releasing secret info concerning the organization's connections.

Trivia Edit

  • The files refer to him as 'Bartender' and also contain an animation of his head being stomped in, indicating he was originally an optional kill.

Gallery Edit

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