The Automatic Shotgun was a weapon that is available in the Super Carnage prototype for Hotline Miami.


The Automatic Shotgun would have had the lowest spread of all shotguns, but the highest fire rate (Identical to the now present Uzi Hotline Miami).


  • The Automatic Shotgun was removed because "It didn't fit the style of Hotline Miami" meaning that it would not have suited the Civilian Urban area style of Hotline Miami.
    • Also at the time all Automatic shotguns, were either reserved for only the military, or were still in a prototype stage, the Automatic Shotguns available in 1989 were: The Pancor Jackhammer, The H&K CAWS, USAS-12 Prototypes, S&W Automatic Shotgun, the 1972 version of the AA-12 and the Remington 7188.
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