Baldness is a term referring to a character's lack of head hair, either through natural aging or intentional shaving. In the Hotline Miami series, all generic enemy NPCs (Mobsters, Thugs, Colombians etc) along with the player characters Ash, Tony, Jake, Henchman and Richter are bald.


  • Gang enemies may be "skinheads," though the Gang Leader's brown and dyed green hair hints that this isn't the case.
  • The Russian Mafia seems to have a policy of no head hair, as only the Son and The Father have hair, with the balding Grandfather having a visible gray hairline. In Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number it's shown that the bald goons often have facial hair in reality, with Blue Lips and Henchman being the only mobsters shown to not have any (Blue Lips also lacks any trace of eyebrows).
  • Like the Russian Mafia, the Colombian's may also have a policy of having no hair, due to all of the Colombian mobsters and henchman being bald, whilst the Colombian Boss has fully grown hair unlike the rest.
  • The Russian Military is also bald, this possibly in reference to how militaries normally have the custom to shave soldiers heads.
  • Prisoners are also bald, most likely due to having their hair shaved.



  • Baldness was done primarily to lessen the workload drawing sprites, as only one base model for enemy faction is required instead of several different hair cuts and death sprites with those hair cuts.
  • Originally Jacket was going to be bald, this can be seen on many sprites for Hotline Miami, and in Prototypes shown.
  • The idea of gangs as monolithic mindless entities with ritualistic behavior like hair shaving is present in John Carpenter movies like Assault on Precinct 13 and Escape from New York. John Carpenter-inspired author William Gibson characterized gangs this way too in his Sprawl trilogy, Count Zero going so far as to have gangs surgically alter their own appearances to more actively homogenize themselves.
  • Baldness is common to both enemy characters and older supervisor characters.

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