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Vital statistics
Position Soldier (formerly)
Store owner
Age late 20s/early 30s
Status Deceased (Atomic blast)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Beard is a character in Hotline Miami and a playable character in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. His real name is unknown - he refers to himself by numerous aliases in Wrong Number as part of a code language, and is referred to as Nicklas and Nicke in the game files of Hotline Miami and Wrong Number, respectively.


He works at a movie rental store, a pizza place, a mini-mart, and at a bar. He reveals to Jacket that much of what he sees is not real and instead an illusion, indicating that he himself may not be real. He appears to be a friend of Jacket and gives him free items every time he visits without giving him a say, despite Jacket not showing any care for him.

Events of Hotline MiamiEdit


Beard, younger, as he appears in Hotline Miami 2.

He is later "killed" by Richter, and subsequently replaced at each establishment. However, this occurs when Jacket's hallucinations begin, so we can safely assume that this isn't an accurate depiction of the character

Events of Hotline Miami 2Edit


In reality, Beard served as a soldier during the Hawaiian conflict alongside a band of soldiers called "Ghost Wolves". One member of the squad is Jacket, the protagonist from the first game.

Beard can be seen talking about how he wants to set up a shop while in the "Ghost Wolves" camp when the soldiers are discussing their plans for returning home.

After the assault on the power station Beard gives to Jacket, who was injured in the escape, the Polaroid photo of them together outside the bar taken earlier by Evan. This is likely the Polaroid held by jacket on the final mission of Hotline Miami. Jacket lets the photo go into the wind whilst standing on the balcony.

After leaving the military he is seen talking on the phone with Jacket, in 1986, about getting a copy of the polaroid. Beard is shown running the convenience store he previously mentioned wishing to own while still serving with the "Ghost Wolves". This phone call was interrupted by a commotion on the street which turned out to be a nuclear explosion that levels San Francisco.

Connection to Jacket's Hallucinations in Hotline Miami Edit


At the end of the Casualties mission, Beard is seen talking over the phone in 1986 with Jacket in San Francisco. After this phone call, he dies in a nuclear bomb explosion, which reveals his later appearances in Hotline Miami to be Jacket's hallucinations.

This is supported by the first few levels when Jacket gets free items from Beard, and is told it's "on the house", which was something Beard tells him after helping him escape the reactor meltdown in Hawaii in 1986.

The phone conversation is presumably about Jacket's loss of his then-girlfriend, as Beard says "Sorry to hear about that, things like that are never easy" and "Time heals all wounds". When Jacket completes his first mission in Hotline Miami, Beard tells him he's "sorry to hear about his girlfriend's death", and combined with the "on the house" remark, it seems fairly clear that even after 3 years, Beard is still in his mind, their last conversation seared into his memory. He also tells Jacket about his bad feelings, that he hasn't "felt that bad since San Francisco", a direct reference to the San Francisco nuclear bombing of 1986 (back then this phrase was absolutely cryptic, but now with the sequel we know something more).

Trivia Edit

  • Beard's appearance is based onNiklas "El Huervo" Åkerblad, one of the game's composers and cover art designer. As such, the game files refer to Beard as Nicklas.


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