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Vital statistics
Position 50 Blessings Agent (formerly)
Age Late 20s/Early 30s
Status Unknown (Presumed dead due to atomic blast)
Physical attributes
Eye color Green (Green/brown in Hotline Miami 2)
Hair Cyan

Biker, also known as Helmet, is both a boss enemy encountered at the end of Chapter 7 - Neighbors, and a playable character after the main storyline is finished. He later appears in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number as a secret (albeit unplayable) character.

Neighbors BossEdit

When Jacket enters the room Biker is in, Biker will attempt to get close to him in a cautious fashion and will occasionally throw his weapon at the player.

To defeat Biker the player must first retrieve a golf club from the nearby golf bag and avoid all of his attacks. After missing two attacks Biker will throw his cleaver at Jacket. Should the player avoid the cleaver, Biker will run to his cleaver and attempt to retrieve it.

During this time Biker is exposed and can be attacked safely. Once the player has hit him twice, they must execute the Biker by smashing his head into mush with a golf club.

However, he survives this assault. He is shown again in Hotline Miami 2 both outside the court of Jacket's trial, and as having escaped to the desert. Evan interviews him over the phone and in a bar, there he tells everything: his past affiliation with 50 Blessings, the killings he committed to do, his hermitage in the desert and his encounter with Richard there (further proof that the Biker storyline and missions in Hotline Miami are non-canonical), but doesn't have any idea of who was making the calls, Evan doesn't believe him and Biker tells him to get lost. His huge scar in his face is probably due to a fight between him and Richard during that occasion in the desert (or a reference to Jacket's action in Chapter 7). (It is assumed that the meeting with Evan is non-canonical, because it occurs in the Bar of Broken Heroes, which features all of the dead playable characters. Including Jake, who dies two years previous to the meeting.)


Biker in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Biker's ChaptersEdit

Biker is a playable character after beating Jacket's chapters. He starts each chapter with a Cleaver that cannot be dropped, and three throwing knives for killing at a distance. Just like when Biker is confronted as a boss fight, if a throwing knife misses its target it will stick into whatever wall it hits and can be retrieved. The number of knives the player has on their person is saved at checkpoints.

Biker's path takes a divergent path than Jacket's. In his timeline, Biker wins the fight at Phonehom and his investigation reveals the true origin of the phone calls. His final chapter shows the confrontation between Biker and the two janitors in an underground lair full of phone equipment, animal masks, and 50 Blessings fliers.

Biker's personalityEdit

Not much is known about Biker because he is not the main character. What can be gathered from Biker is that he is much more talkative and relatively saner than Jacket. Biker has spared the lives of some of his targets, for example the Chinese restaurant owner at the end of Safehouse. It's also optional to spare the employees of Phonehom and the two Janitors. That being said, he did join 50 Blessings "out of boredom" and wants out because it's "not exciting enough", suggesting a disregard for human life and a thrill-seeking attitude. Despite having no qualms killing mobsters, Biker interrogates key figures in his stages in an attempt to find out the truth behind 50 Blessings unlike Jacket, who chooses to execute them without saying a word.

Biker's apartment is much better furnished than Jacket's sparse flat, which suggests that he is wealthier, or at least has some sense of taste. He seems to like music from the looks of his LP collection and turntables and the keytar on his bedroom floor. He has a computer in his bedroom and seems to have some hacking skills as seen in Prank Call and Resolution; this can also be seen as a stealth pun on his main weapon - the meat cleaver. He is also much more social than Jacket as there are signs of the aftermath of a party in the intro to Prank Call, including a girl in the bathroom and a drunk male sleeping on his sofa.

Like Jacket, Biker receives instructions by cryptic phone calls, which continue despite being shown to be sporadically followed. The message at the start of Fun & Games is the only one to name an address Biker visits, while mentioning that a previous task was not completed, and the messages in Prank Call and Resolution are disregarded. However the player still needs to listen to them to complete the intro, which may suggest diligence in looking for clues.

In Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Biker became depressed after losing his will to fight following an encounter with presumably Richard and became an alchoholic.

Usable WeaponsEdit

Biker has the least amount of usable weapons than any another character (excluding the fan Tony, who uses no weapons), at 2:

The PuzzleEdit

When every puzzle piece is collected and properly arranged, it allows Biker to successfully enter a password on the janitors' computer during his final chapter, enabling him to discover the Janitor's plan and convince them to talk about it.



Biker hacking Phonehom

  • In official artwork for the game, Biker is shown reading a pornographic magazine with a topless woman and the title "Boobs" rather than taking part in a fight between Mobsters and Jacket.
  • Biker seems to be an expert hacker, as he sucessful hacked Phonehom and the Janitors' computer.
  • Biker shows up in The Bar of Broken Heroes. To meet biker you need to use phone in Evans apartment in intro of Subway mission. He also appears in "First Trial", he can be seen outside (without his helmet) when Evan heads to the taxi.
  • It has been confirmed on Dennis Wedin's Twitter, that Biker will appear in the planned Hotline Miami 2 level editor.
  • Biker's cleaver knife is available as a mask in PAYDAY 2 as part of the Hotline Miami DLC, while his helmet is included as a mask if you buy Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

Gallery Edit

  • Biker outside the court in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
  • Biker in his apartment
  • Biker's motorbike

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