"Hey, boss?... Take it easy on those pills. You shouldn't take too many of them..."

Blue Lips is a Russian mobster and a minor character in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. He serves as a replacement to the Henchman after his retirement, working as the new right-hand to the Son, and is seen working with from December 7th onward.

Background Edit

In Blood Money, he is one of the two henchmen that assist the Son in his bank robbery. Later in the level, a masked Blue Lips hijacks into the system and opens the bank's security doors for the Son. He wields an Uzi throughout the level.

On December 14th, Blue Lips denies Manny Pardo access to the Son, lying that he isn't here. He pauses after saying that the boss has many cars, a possible reference to Henchman wanting a car.

On December 20th, he advises the Son to not hit the pills too hard. However, he does and ends up tripping out in a heavily drug-induced mania and goes on a killing spree of his own men and The Fans. Blue Lips is very likely killed during the events of Death Wish and Apocalypse, whether he was killed by either the Fans or the Son.


Trivia Edit

  • Blue Lips' green eyes apparently lack pupils entirely.
  • Blue Lips' robber face has a default/ellipses position with a slightly cocked left eye instead of a neutral expression.
  • Blue Lips' gunfire on the second screen of Blood Money is actually lethal and contributes to the player's score. This is analogous to Ash's gunfire when playing as Alex.
  • Blue Lips' hacking animation is the one used twice by Ash in Ambush (to toy with the radio) and again in Death Wish (again to disable security doors). It's also analogous to Biker's hacking ability.
  • His unmasked sprite is named RussianParty.
  • He is the only allied non-player character to actually assist the player in combat, albeit briefly.