The Briefcase Man is a minor character in Hotline Miami. He only appears on the second screen of The Metro.

Background Edit

The Briefcase Man only appears on The Metro. As his name suggests, he is carrying the Briefcase that the player has to obtain to complete the level, and appears in a long room with two Mobsters guarding him. The Briefcase Man will not attack the player and must be killed in order to obtain the Briefcase to finish the level.

Appearance Edit

The Briefcase Man wears a green trench coat, a pink shirt, a hat and carries the Briefcase. He resembles the Inspectors somewhat except not as fat.

Trivia Edit

  • The Briefcase Man can be killed simply by throwing a weapon at him, even if it is not normally capable of lethal throws.
    • Simply punching the Briefcase Man will also kill him, even if the player is not using the Tony Mask.
  • There is a glitch where if the player executes a crawling enemy, they will drop the briefcase and each time they try to pick it up, an error will occur.

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