The Butterfly Knife is a common melee weapon in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, found in the hands of Gang Members, Colombians and Mobsters, both of which will drop the butterfly knife. It seems to function the same as the basic knife, but with a slightly slower attack speed.

Statistics Edit

The Butterfly Knife functions identically to the regular knife, this is because the butterfly knife is Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number's replacement for the knife. Like the regular knife the butterfly knife has a fast swing speed, short range and can kill on throw if it lands blade first.

Trivia Edit

  • Corey is one of two Fans who can use the butterfly knife (the other one being Mark), and the only one that can immediately acquire it. This trait is highlighted by her floor on Death Wish, which always provides her with a butterfly knife enemy near the start.
  • The butterfly knife is introduced with the 1991 Setting and is retroactively used to replace the knife in the 1989 setting for Jake and Richter's levels. However, Beard still uses the original knife in his levels.
  • The butterfly knife is the only melee weapon Evan cannot pick up without first entering his rage mode. This trait is highlighted on the first screen of the Abyss, where the starting Gang member will always have a knife, forcing Evan to deal with patrolling and static gunmen unarmed.
  • The Son has a unique execution with the butterfly knife where he actively inserts it into the victim's neck similar to a prison shank. If the player is aware of this execution trait and clicks immediately, the execution is even faster than its already-quick standard execution.
  • Scattle in Down Under, as well as several Gang enemies, are shown playing with a butterfly knife, twirling it open repeatedly (Scattle apparently does this to impress the party girls).
  • In real life a balisong (also known as a butterfly knife) is a type of folding knife which has two handles that rotate around the tang and the blade as an opening/closing mechanism.

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