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Carl is a minor character in Hotline Miami, and the main character in the Carl comic by David C. Hopkins. He wore the Carl Mask.


Carl was a 50 Blessings operator that wielded a drill in his jobs. He was apparently aware of who ran 50 Blessings, and attempted to sabotage their operations in some small way by indirectly committing suicide in a Russian mob controlled dance club.

His corpse can be found in the Chapter Push It, in the central dance floor. He is also found in the non canon special chapter, Exposed.

Carl's quote "This is my rifle" implies that he views himself as a soldier. It's unknown whether he actually had military experience or was just superficially pretending to be a soldier like Jake.

Full comic:


  • Dennis Wedin confirmed that a fan made comic, in which Carl apparently realizes what's going on and willingly gets shot on the dance floor, is now retroactively canon.
  • Carl is shown talking to the dial tone of a pay phone. No indication is given that he's actually talking to anyone, and he continues talking to himself after hanging the phone up midsentence.
  • Carl's dead body can also be found on the new bonus map "Exposed", including the mask if you haven't collected it already. This is the same for the masks "Jake" and "Earl".
  • A hobo wearing the Carl Mask is seen in The Abyss level of Hotline Miami 2.
  • He is one of the few original mask owners to be seen in the first game. The others are Richter, Jacket, Aubrey, Jake, Jones, Earl and Dennis.


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