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Animal depicted Grasshopper
Mask description Start with drill
Location Dance room, ground floor, Push It

Carl is an unlockable mask, taking the form of a grasshopper. Wearing it grants Jacket a drill at the start of the chapter. This mask is the only legitimate way to obtain the drill.

Carl can be found in Chapter 8, Push It, on a dead body in the centermost room of the ground floor.


  • The drill used to give extremely high number of points and, until the developers patched it, it was possible to score an A+ rating on every level using only the drill.
  • Carl is the mask of another operator, and 50 blessings operative, much like jacket. As it is found on a dead body that doesn't look like other Russian mobsters and the dead character wears clothes similar to jacket, we can assume the character was another operator who failed his mission which Jacket inadvertently does. 


  • When the player is attacked by an enemy while executing another enemy with the drill, the weapon the player drops will appear as a crowbar [1] .
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