The Chainsaw is a weapon in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. It is used exclusively by Alex of the Fans. In Hard Mode, it is also wielded by Gang Dodgers. It is one of the only two melee weapons that can kill Thugs, the other being Biker's Cleaver.

The chainsaw has elongated ground and Thug executions. However, Ash is still use-able during this time, meaning the only time this seriously factors into gameplay is when Ash is out of ammo.

Trivia Edit

  • Gang Dodger chainsaws don't make the chainsaw.wav sound effect, perhaps indicating they're not actually gassed up. Alternatively it's a bug or oversight.
    • In addition to it being an oversight, it is possibly likely that it was not coded in due to the fact that Gang Dodgers are essentially re-skinned Colombian Dodgers in terms of functionality and behavior.
  • The chainsaw is almost certainly a partial reference to the chainsaw from Brian De Palma's Scarface, used to kill Tony Montana's friend early in the movie.
  • In real life chainsaws are ineffective weapons due to the fact that 'teeth' of the saw have a tendency to jam on clothes when used as a weapon, partially due to the fact that they tend to be be blunt rather than sharp since they are designed to saw through wood, meaning that sharpening them would not be effective since the wood would blunt them quickly, this fact would also make them even less effective as a weapon since the blunt 'teeth' would have to be aimed at exposed skin to do damage and even then it would take a while to saw through someone enough to do significant damage.

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