The Colombian Henchman is a minor antagonist and character that appears in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. He is only seen at the end of Take Over.

Background Edit

The Colombian Henchman has very little involvement in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. He appears to be The Colombian Boss' primary bodyguard and henchman. He may have some experience with handling dogs, as he is seen holding back two leashed Dobermans.

He is seen guarding his boss with several other Colombians at the end of Take Over as The Son walks into the Colombian Boss' office unarmed. As The Son tells the Colombians to surrender and distract them from the incoming Russian Mobsters, he counts to ten. Once The Son has finished counting, his men massacre the last of the Colombians, including the Colombian Henchman and his dogs.

Appearance Edit

The Colombian Henchman has the darkest skin of any character outside the Producer and Thug bouncers, probably indicating African heritage. He also stands out by his orange-red shades, dark gloves and black tuxedo, both sleeves trimmed down to elbow-level.

Trivia Edit

  • The Colombian Henchman has an unused dog-less standing sprite available in the Level Editor.
  • The Colombian Henchman may be an allusion to The Father's own personal Henchman in Hotline Miami. Not only do they share similar positions in power, but they are both seen standing directly to the right-hand side of their boss' desks.
    • The Colombian Henchman's two dogs are also an allusion to the two panthers in the first game.
  • The Colombian Henchman is the only character in the Colombian Boss' office who can be killed with gunfire from the entrance.
  • The Colombian Henchman is one of two characters in the entire series shown to have visibly bulging biceps when his arm is held out in front of him. The only other character with this trait is The Son. Characters like Manny Pardo and H.M. Hammarin have similar short sleeves that drape over thin arms.

Gallery Edit

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