The D Company Commander is a minor character in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, and was the head officer of the bulk of forces local to The Colonel's elite unit in the volcanic region of Hawai'i.

Background Edit

He is first seen being photographed and interviewed in the intro to Ambush while his men are inside drinking, before the camera is used to take The Polaroid at the request of Evan.

He first talks in the outro to Stronghold, where he congratulates Beard on doing what his men couldn't. He wishes his men were better trained and comments that they took heavy casualties -- the pool full of body bags on the first screen of Stronghold.

His D Company needs to be "round up" after Stronghold and has a reputation of being "pussies," according to Barnes, indicating they assaulted and were forced to retreat or never assaulted at all. Their penultimate mission, Into the Pit, features underground body disposal analogous to the mass grave pool of their dead friends in Stronghold.

Possibly as a result of his failure in Stronghold, it is indicated in Casualties that local forces are actively holding off and letting Beard, Jacket, Barnes, and Daniels assault the power plant alone. Beard seems to quickly rendezvous on foot with local forces after that mission.

Casualties of his weeks-long failed siege on the resort.

Chronologically, he's the first person referred to as a "VIP" and he serves as an establishment of superiors as callous and disconnected from their men, and his apparent reveling in fame parallels the viewpoints 50 Blessings and 1991 anti-RAC take toward politicians and Russians. His interest with fame and attraction of Evan parallels Manny Pardo and Evan's relationship with him, and perhaps rubbed off on The Fans along with his high appraisal of Jacket.

Trivia Edit

  • His face is an extremely slight adjustment of Lawyer and Prosecutor, the only difference between him and Prosecutor being his helmet. He has a slightly different nose than Lawyer.