Demolition is the 18th scene in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. It is the second level featuring Richter as a playable character. It is set on April 10th, 1989.

Gameplay Edit

Intro Edit

The level starts with Richter going out with the excuse of going to a job interview. Rosa asks him if he can give her a bath, to which Richter tells her that he will give her a bath after his job interview.

Level Edit

Richter kills mobsters, thugs and dogs inside a building that appears to be either disused or under construction. On ascending to the second floor, the player can notice areas in which the floors have been torn up, revealing layers of weapon crates marked "USSR", probably hidden there by the Russian Mob.

Outro Edit

After returning home, Richter finds his mother to have passed out in the bathroom. Worried, he carries her up to her bedroom. He then asks her if she is okay, to which she says that she is, despite her worsening condition.

Phone Call Edit

"Hello, this is Andrew from Package Express Shipping. You have some goods to deliver at NE 144th St, at 8 PM. The shipment may be fragile so be sure to handle the packages carefully. Don't be late, and don't forget to wear your uniform."

Trivia Edit

  • The cover art is a reference to the poster of Die Hard (1988).
  • On the cover, Richter is wearing a Letterman jacket, similar to the one Jacket wears on the cover for the first Hotline Miami.
    • Despite this, Richter still wears his regular outfit during the actual scene.

Music Edit

  • "Around" by Modulogeek plays during the introduction.
  • "NARC" by Mega Drive plays during the level.
  • "Disturbance" by Endless plays during the outro.

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