Dennaton Games is a Swedish game development studio founded by programmer Jonatan Söderström and artist Dennis Wedin in 2012. Their company name originates from a combination of their names (Dennis, Jonatan).



Jonatan Söderström was an indie game developer known for his Rapid Game Design philosophy, who previously developed several games using the software GameMaker. on 2011 he met Dennis Wedin (Singer of the band Fucking Werewolf ASSO) and they started developing the freeware game Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf as a videoclip-game for the song KEEP MY ADRESSE TO YOURSELF, CAUSE WE NEED SECRETS.

Söderström said in an interview that he needed to start making money off of creating games, so he decided to undertake a more sizeable project. He contacted Dennis Wedin again, and together they formed Dennaton Games, after which they began the development of Hotline Miami[1].

Niklas Åkerblad ("El Huervo") although not considered an "employee" has done music for the duo.


*Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf - Dennis / Jonatan (October 18th 2011)

*Hotline Miami - Dennaton Games / Devolver Digital (October 23rd 2012)

*Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - Dennaton Games / Devolver Digital / Abstraction Games (10th March 2015)

*Unknown Game - Dennaton Games (TBD)


Dennaton Website

Dennaton Twitter

Blog Page


  • The two Janitors appearances are inspired by the Developers themselves. 
  • Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf is referenced in the Hotline Miami games as 'KDFW' arcade machines. 
  • Dennis Wedin and Jonatan are Friends with Niklas Åkerblad, also known as El Huervo.
    • Interesting enough at the end of Fumes (A Song by El Huervo) one can hear Dennis and El Huervo having a conversation.

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