Ellen[1] is a minor character that appears in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Ellen appears twice in all of Hotline Miami 2. The first time being in the intro sequence of Final Cut, where she is interviewing Martin Brown about the film Midnight Animal. The interview turns out to be a hallucination of Martin's and the host appears more and more twitchy throughout the interview until she appears decapitated and her head on a table where the pig mask was displayed.

The second time is at the end of Apocalypse in the mid-credit scenes when Richter is watching the real interview of Martin Brown or Evan with his mother before it is interrupted with a news bulletin about the United States and Russian presidents being assassinated.

Trivia Edit

  • Ellen is based heavily on the real-life television host Ellen DeGeneres.
  • Her face is re-purposed to make Biker's Level Editor face (at one point he had her green eyes).

References Edit

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