Exposed is one of the two bonus chapters in Hotline Miami, the other being Highball. The level is based on the Eurogamer Expo, and the chapter layout shown in the chapter selection screen is replaced with the Eurogamer Expo logo.

Availability Edit

The level was immediately available to those who preordered the game from Get Games and is included in the PS3/PS4/Vita editions of the game.

As for the non-preordered PC edition (regardless of whether the game was updated or not), the level originally could be unlocked by creating an empty file named "exposed.lvl" in the game directory and completing Resolution chapter. It was obligatory that a new save file were to be created after "exposed.lvl" was put in game folder in order for Exposed to become available. For the game to create a new save file, the old save file must be removed or renamed first, which means the game will be started anew, as the progress will be left to the old save file. However, the chapter is now automatically unlocked in the updated version of the game and possibly the original too[citation needed], therefore negating the need to delete the save file.


Befitting the title, Exposed has no walls and little cover. Dodging Russians' attacks and assaulting them can be tricky. 

Music Edit

"To the Top" by Scattle, which also appears over Safehouse.


  • There are dead bodies on the floor as well, these include the bodies of Beard (2 variations), Girlfriend, Carl, Earl, Jake and M.O.O.N
  • You can get 3 masks in this level if you didn't pick them up earlier in the game.

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