The FAMAE is a sub-machine gun that is available in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number and is used by the Colombians and can be used by Manny Pardo and The Son.


The FAMAE shares the same round count and rate of fire with the Skorpion from the first game (hinting as a possible replacement of said weapon); however the FAMAE is less accurate than the Skorpion, and can appear on the Colombians, and in the weapon bag at the beginning of Blood Money (having more of a chance of appearing than the Skorpion of the first game).


  • FAMAE is the name of the Chilean manufacturer that manufactures the SAF, which is what the FAMAE weapon in-game is based on.
  • The appearance of the FAMAE in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is anachronistic, as the FAMAE SAF -the weapon it is based on - was first produced in 1993, two years after the main events of Hotline Miami 2.
  • The rapid rate of fire on the FAMAE is technically accurate, since the real SAF's fire rate is at a very rapid 1200 RPM. The Skorpion's fire rate on the other hand is incorrect as it is slightly slower at 850-900 RPM.
    • Its 20-round magazine capacity is also accurate, as the SAF can accept 20 and 30-round box magazines.
  • It is illogical that the SAF is wielded one-handed in-game since in real life, it is 16.1 inches long with the stock folded (longer in the case of the suppressed variant used in-game) and weighs 5.95 pounds when loaded. Taking into account the high rate of fire, the FAMAE would be highly inaccurate if wielded single-handedly, due to the high recoil of the weapon combined with its weight.
  • Crouching Colombians carry Mendozas but drop FAMAEs for balance purposes.
  • While the in-game sprites and the sound effects suggest that the in-game FAMAE is based off of a real-life model of the gun featuring an integral suppressor, it does not function like this in-game. Whether this was intentional, for purposes of balancing, or a technical oversight, is unknown.
    • However it is possible the FAMAE is using a Muzzle Flash supressor, which unlike Silencers, dampens the flash of the weapon fire, and can also make firing guns quieter, due to less gas escaping (although not to an extent to a Silenced weapon, and could explain why it's louder than the Silenced Uzi despite both using the 9mm round)

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