First Blood is the 17th scene of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. It is the first scene of Act 5: Intermission and is also the first scene where Richter is a playable character. It takes place on April 2nd, 1989.

Scene Edit

Intro Edit

The level starts with Evan Wright answering the phone and talking to Richter who pleads him for some money that he can use to buy a plane ticket in exchange for him telling his story. Evan complies, saying that he will pay as long as the story is "good enough".

Richter then begins to recount his past experience of working as a masked vigilante for 50 Blessings. He tells about cryptic phone calls asking to do certain tasks such as leaving several "marks" (the 50 Blessings logo) around. Richter, who initially had ignored the calls, considering them pranks, later found his car firebombed, while the messages were getting more threatening.

The screen then cuts to Richter, looking down at his torched car through a window in his house. He goes over to answer his answering machine, which cryptically threatens the life of his mother (the message referring to it as "a funeral for Rosa Berg"). Richter visits his mother, who tells him about a dream she had of Richter's father at a beach and thinking of something bad happening. Before leaving, Richter promises to make her dinner when he returns.

Gameplay Edit

The level is a bar filled with Russian Mobsters on North East 139th Street. Richter begins the level unarmed and wearing his rat mask.

In the first area there are more than five mobsters armed with melee weapons who will attack immediately after the player enters the bar and knocks over an armed mobster by opening the door.

Outro Edit

When Richter returns home, he finds his sick mother sat at the table, not in bed where she should be. Worried, he reminds his mother about what the doctor said about her sickness, but she says that she doesn't care and that she still has some fight left.

Music Edit

  • "Around" by Modulogeek plays during the first part of the introduction while playing as Evan.
  • "Interlude" by Chromacle plays during the second part of the introduction when controlling Richter.
  • "Richard" by Dubmood is the song played during the level.
  • "Disturbance" by Endless plays during the outro.

Trivia Edit

  • The title is a reference to the 1982 film First Blood.
    • "First Blood" is misspelled in the cover art, possibly to avoid copyright issues.
  • This is possibly 50 Blessings' first hit on the Russian Mafia. It's the earliest one depicted chronologically.