George is a mask obtainable in Hotline Miami. The mask is of a giraffe and gives Jacket the ability to look further when holding down shift. It is unlocked after getting a high score on Clean Hit, and is the only mask obtainable on that level.

Notably, the George mask is obtainable on May 13th, the date of Biker first investigating 50 Blessings. "Look further," could then be seen as a pun on Biker's role as an investigator. This seems to be backed in Evan's investigation level, the Abyss, where a George-masked hobo angrily declares the 50 Blessings' bunker "our place" and commands Evan to leave.

Due to the date of its recovery and investigative properties, it's possible this mask is the one 50 Blessings issued to Biker.