The Heavy Machine Gun, also known as the Big and Heavy, is a weapon in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. The Heavy Machine Gun is a very accurate weapon that has a large magazine of 40 rounds and a high rate of fire and is the third weapon that Beard can use in his arsenal.

Statistics Edit

The Heavy Machine Gun has a 40 round magazine, which is the 2nd largest magazine out of all the weapons available in the game, only beaten by the Flamethrower, it also has a high rate of fire which is intermediate between the Kalashnikov and M16 and is the most accurate fully automatic weapon in the game, only the Sniper Rifle and Flamethrower are more accurate (both have perfect accuracy). Once ammunition is fully depleted, ammunition pickups will give 10 rounds.

The Heavy Machine Gun is almost a direct upgrade to the M16 when unlocked, the only two advantages the M16 has over the Heavy Machine Gun are the fact that it starts with a spare magazine and a has a slightly higher rate of fire allowing it to kill Thugs slightly faster (although this is not a huge advantage as possible to shoot a Thug once and wait for them to bleed to death).

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Heavy Machine Gun resembles the CMG-2 (Colt Machine Gun-2) a Light Machine Gun version of the famous M16 rifle for use by US soldiers in the Vietnam War, however Colt decided to can the Machine Gun as the M60 and Stoner 63 machine guns were already in wide use by the US army.
  • The name of the weapon is missused, a Heavy Machine Gun uses large caliber rounds such as .50 BMG, or 12.7x108mm (the CMG-2 and the M249 both use the smaller 5.56x45mm), a real life example of a Heavy Machine Gun would be a M2 Browning, or the Russian DShK.
  • The Magazine size of the Heavy Machine Gun is unrealistically small considering it is belt fed, although this was likely done for balancing purposes.
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