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The screen as it appears after the completion of Apocalypse.

Hotline Miami 3 is a mock main menu screen of an apparent sequel to Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number which has been taped over with Wrong Number. The title is written in a futuristic font and the background features the bombed out ruins of Miami and "digital" palm trees. The music is a sample from Perturbator's "Welcome Back" from the science fiction album Dangerous Days. It is effectively a punchline to the events of Apocalypse mocking the idea of ever making an actual official sequel to Wrong Number.

Trivia Edit

  • Dennis Wedin has joked that Hotline Miami 3 was "taped over" with Wrong Number because it sucked.
  • Dennaton advertised the Level Editor as a tool for players to make their own "Hotline Miami 3." Notably, every custom campaign created in the editor ends with the alarms and white out from Apocalypse.

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