I'd like to ask why you did what you did, but... you don't even know yourself, do you? Look at you, you're fucked... completely fucked... in the head. Why else would someone be killing kids in a pig mask?

The Interrogator is a minor character and an antagonist in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. He is an actor and possible police officer seen in the slasher film Midnight Animal. He is a minor antagonist in Martin Brown's storyline.

Background Edit

The Interrogator is only seen in Final Cut, where he is interrogating Martin Brown (playing the Pig Butcher) while playing with his pig mask in the police station's basement cell. He predicts the Butcher will "fry" for what he's done, and tells him the girl is giving a full statement upstairs. He calls the Butcher "fucked... completely fucked... in the head".

The pink phone followed Martin, and is ringing during the whole interview. Martin only ever speaks to tell the cop to pick up the phone, but the Interrogator assures him he's hallucinating it.

Discouraged, the Interrogator turns his back on Martin and goes to talk to his colleague on the other side of the door. Martin gets back his mask and picks up the phone, which tells him to kill the unsuspecting cop, suggesting that "he wants you to kill him". Martin proceeds to snap the Interrogator's neck and kick the door open, knocking down the other cop outside, before brutally making his way through the police station's higher levels.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Interrogator's dialogue about the Butcher not even knowing why he kills parallels the Colonel's panther mask speech, that no one ever knows why they do what they do, only that they enjoy it on an animal level. It's also a slightly meta comment about how the player is unaware of the context of Brown's levels yet plays and enjoys them anyway.
  • The surreal pink Pig Phone is here shown to have a green phone cable, effectively making it a reference to the Pills and Alien Plants.
  • The Interrogator is one of the main ways society's reaction to Jacket is explicitly established. He effectively gives more exposition dialogue than anyone else in Act One: Exposition.
  • Killing the Interrogator will grant the player no points at all.

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