Jack is a minor character in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. He is a friend of Ash, and also has an estranged sister he wants the Fans to "rescue" from a gang controlled drug den.

Background Edit

After the Fans fail to recover Jack's sister, their notoriety spikes. Alex Davis in particular receives a police visit from Manny Pardo during the intro to Dead Ahead, who enters Alex's house without her permission (or knowledge), using his time to subtly plant a wallet in her kitchen, almost getting caught by Alex. She questions him as to why he got in her house, where he eerily responds with him discovering the door was unlocked, so he let himself in. He then quickly changes the topic to the ongoing investigation of the Fans, asking her about Ash Davis' location, but yet again changes the topic to complimenting her looks, scaring Alex enough to tell him to leave her house, which he complies with.

It is fully possible that Jack is the victim that Manny Pardo has bound and gagged in the trunk of his car on December 10th, planting his wallet in Alex's apartment to apparently pin the Miami Mutilator serial killings on the Fans. The victim is Caucasian, shown to be wearing a dark green coat and ripped bluish-green pants with duct tape over his mouth, and cuffs keeping him subdued.

That victim who is presumably him, later appears dead during the outro of Dead Ahead in a vacant building, his body found gruesomely eviscerated. According to Johnson, he may have been taken there by force, and was choked to death and gutted after he was killed. His body was found by an electrician. His evisceration provokes a CSI investigator to vomit outside, and is also similar to Corey's disembowelment in the Table Sequence. 

Gallery Edit

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