Jack's Sister is a minor character in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. She befriends several members of an unnamed gang she does drugs with. Her brother, Jack contacts the Fans on December 2nd, 1991 to bring her home.

Background Edit

She's shown to be on the top floor of the gang hideout, hiding in a storage room with a pistol trained at the door. The player fan, after clearing the level, will ask her to calm down and come with them, to which she replies "Are you crazy? You just killed all my friends!"

If the player tries to move toward her, she'll fire. If the player is hit by the bullet, they'll have to restart the floor over despite having cleared the level.

It's implied that she called the police, as the Fans have media notoriety and police visits a week later.

Trivia Edit

  • Notably, the prompt to rescue Jack's Sister is "Get Her," the same as the prompt given to Martin Brown in Midnight Animal scenes with Rachael Ward, which themselves are parodies of Jacket's rescuing Girlfriend in Decadence.
  • She only fires one shot, which can hit the door or be easily roll dodged under by Corey.
  • Jack's Sister is seen on the VHS cover for Moving Up, sulking in the far end of the storage room.

Gallery Edit

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