Jake is a mask obtainable in Hotline Miami and the default mask of Jake in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.


Belonging to 50 Blessings operator Jake who failed on a mission, got captured and killed (at the location of the chapter Hot & Heavy). This mask can be found in Chapter 10, Hot & Heavy, north-west section, on Jake's dead body in the top most room.

Hotline Miami 2Edit

Jake, the mask's original owner, is a playable character in Hotline Miami 2. In addition to this mask, he can wear two that are based on a viper (Irvin) and a black mamba (Dallas). The former starts him with a nail gun, while the latter gives him killing punches and a frenzy mode.

Trivia Edit

  • This is likely a reference to the former professional wrestler Jake "The Snake" Roberts.
  • Jake's dead body can also be found on the new bonus map "Exposed", including the mask if you haven't collected it already. This is the same for the masks "Carl" and "Earl".

Gallery Edit

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