Jones is a minor character in Hotline Miami. He is a masked vigilante working for 50 Blessings, and is the owner of the mask of the same name.

Background Edit

Jones makes an optional appearance in Chapter 5, Full House. To find him, complete the level as normal, but do not go into the car quite yet. Pick up the crowbar from the start of the level (unless you have brought it with you to the top floor) and head over to the manhole in a corner at the southern exterior wall of the building.

Jacket can then use the crowbar to pry open the manhole and gain access to the sewer system to find a mortally wounded Jones, bleeding heavily from his abdomen and face, with his mask laying beside him. Jones will utter strange and cryptic phrases and claim that everything that is happening is only a dream before seemingly dying from blood loss. Picking up his mask and finishing the level will also unlock the Sewer Alligator achievement.

The appearance of Jones is one of, if not the earliest mention of what is happening around Jacket is not real and is simply a dream. This is entirely true, as it can be assumed that Jacket is reliving the events of the game during his coma after his encounter with Richter.

Whether Jones was actually real is unknown, but it could be a possibility if he was, as Jacket still has his mask after waking up from his coma.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Jones being found covered in blood is undoubtedly a reference to his own mask, as it grants the ability to add "More Gore" when killing enemies.
  • It could be assumed that Jones suffered the same fate as many other masked vigilantes like Carl or Jake, who failed their missions and were killed by their Russian targets.

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