The Lawyer is a minor character in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. He is Jacket's defense attorney during First Trial on November 5th, 1991.

Events in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Edit

Lawyer is apparently not Jacket's first attorney, as Jacket is apparently talking to a brown-haired attorney in the intro to Release on July 20th, 1990.

In First Trial, Lawyer cross examines the Police Chief, who has said there's no physical evidence supporting Jacket's claims. Lawyer asks if the police examined Jacket's phone records, which the Police Chief confirms. Lawyer then asks if the records match up with the time frame of Jacket's story, which the Chief also confirms. Lawyer asks if they traced those calls, and the Chief replies that they came from a nightclub called The Golden Truckstop. Lawyer then elucidates that Jacket is claiming he was coerced by the Russian Mafia to perform his hits, and asks if there's any connection between the mafia and the club. The Police Chief confirms the establishment has been regularly linked to mafia activity, but begins to qualify that statement. Before he can, Lawyer cuts him off with "That will be all, thank you. No further questions." The Courthouse Judge then adjourns court for the day.

Trivia Edit

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