Press R to Restart, this is the page for the M1911 mentioned weapon, if you are looking for the Unusable Desert Eagle in Showdown go Here: Pistol, if you are looking for the Beretta 92FS in Hotline Miami 2 go here: 9mm.

The M1911 is a pistol seen in the Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Comic #4 dual wielded by Ash Davis, Comic #5 It is wielded by Barnes in the comics, and appears on the No Mercy VHS cover.


The M1911 does not appear in-game, apart from the "No Mercy" VHS cover.

The Henchman's only level is No Mercy and as such the gun appearening on the front cover, may reveal that the Silenced Heavy Pistol is based on an M1911A1.

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