The Manager is a side character and an antagonist in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. He is a man who appears at the beginning of Withdrawal and a second time if you manage to not die as Jake on the 3rd floor of Withdrawal. He is the main antagonist of Jake's storyline.

Background Edit

The Manager appears to work in a large lead-lined office building in Miami, He runs a non profit organisation from this building, and claims to have no idea what Jake is talking about, when pressed.

The building Jake meets him in is a lead-lined 50 Blessings center (which is the setting of The Abyss later), and he very well could be the leader, or at the very least a leading executive of the 50 Blessings operation. At the time, it was being run as a non-profit organization as a cover, a fact Jake found out and had to pay the price for.

Because of Jake finding out this cover up, the Manager will shoot Jake at the end of Withdrawal if the player clears the 3rd floor without dying.

Appearance Edit

The Manager has blonde hair, light blue glasses and stubble, he wears a beige suit and brown trousers.


  • The Manager has an unused animation of him walking with a shotgun.
  • He is poised to kill Jake on June 3rd, perhaps implying he was the one who personally ordered the death of Jacket in Deadline on June 8th.
  • A Phone Hom Van was in police impound for the Fans to capture, possibly indicating that the Manager was connected to the murders and arrested at some point.
  • The Janitors in Release use identical verbiage to the Manager, telling Richter they're here as "just a little precaution."
  • The Manager's nose shape appears to change between his normal dialogue-sprite, and his happy dialogue-sprite.

Gallery Edit

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