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Masks are a type of unlock

Boxes filled with masks.

able item in Hotline Miami. At the beginning of each chapter from the main story, the player chooses a mask for Jacket to wear. There are 25 unlockable masks in total, each providing a unique effect, save for the default mask, Richard. The effects include but aren't limited to making door slams lethal (Don Juan), inverting the player's controls (Nigel), and giving the player a drill at the start of the chapter (Carl).

Masks can be unlocked by getting sufficiently high scores, as well as being found in certain chapters.

The player can see whether one already has the mask for a given chapter, in the chapter selection screen. Although not all available masks will be shown there (see e.g. Carl in Chapter 8).

Masks (In order)Edit

  1. Richard (Rooster) - no description - grants no special abilities
  2. Rasmus (Owl) - An Eye For Secrets
  3. Tony (Tiger) - Fists of Fury
  4. Aubrey (Pig) - More Guns
  5. Don Juan (Horse) - Lethal Doors
  6. Graham (Rabbit) - Walk Fast
  7. Dennis (Wolf) - Start with Knife
  8. George (Giraffe) - Look Further
  9. Ted (Dog) - Dogs Don't Attack
  10. Rufus (Elephant) - Survive One Bullet
  11. Rami (Camel) - Extra Ammo
  12. Willem (Monkey) - Rip And Steal
  13. Peter (Unicorn) - Quiet Gunshots
  14. Zack (Frog) - Longer Combo Window
  15. Oscar (Mole) - Darkness
  16. Rick (Fox) - Good Shot
  17. Brandon (Panther) - Walk Faster
  18. Charlie (Octopus) - More Melee Weapons
  19. Louie (Chameleon) - Hard To Spot
  20. Phil (Fish) - French Translation
  21. Nigel (Bat) - Reversed Controls
  22. Earl (Walrus) - Survive Two Bullets
  23. Jones (Alligator) - More Gore
  24. Carl (Grasshopper) - Start With Drill
  25. Jake (Cobra) - Killing Throws
  26. Richter (Rat) - Start With Silenced Uzi
  27. Russell (Bull) - Raging Bull (PS3/PS4/Vita Only)

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