The Mendoza is a sub-machine gun that appears in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. It is used by the Colombians, and can be used by Manny Pardo and The Son.


The Mendoza functions similarly to an Uzi, providing fully automatic fire and one of the highest magazine capacities of any weapon in the game. The Mendoza, however, is one of the best weapons in the game (and quite possibly the series), as it has both a slightly slower fire rate and more shots than the Uzi, but not enough to make killing enemies problematic, and a very low spread compared to other automatic weapons, only beaten by the M16 and Heavy Machine Gun.


  • Mendoza is the company that manufactures the HM-3 SMG, which is why said weapon appears in-game as the Mendoza.
  • The in-game sprite appears to have the buttstock folded, resembling a foregrip in the process.
  • Interestingly enough, the magazine capacity on the Mendoza is correct not just for the real weapon, but also for all variants of the Uzi as well. The HM-3 itself is a Mexican version of the Uzi as well.
  • Encamped enemies carry Mendozas that become FAMAEs when killed for balance purposes.
  • Its slow rate of fire depicted in-game is correct as the real HM-3 has a rate of fire comparable to the AK-47's (Kalashnikov in-game) at 600 RPM.

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