Jacket performing a mercy kill.

A Mercy Kill is an optional execution seen in both Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number that can be performed on fatally wounded and crawling enemies. This execution will add to the player's combo counter, allowing for a 2X on a single enemy. All player characters except Biker and Beard have the ability to perform mercy kills, though Beard has unused animations of the killneck sprites.

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A crawling enemy in Hotline Miami.

If an enemy is attacked with a blunt melee weapon, there is a rare chance that the enemy will try to crawl away. Performing an execution on the crawling enemy usually ends with a player character snapping the enemy's neck or finishing them off in some other form.

Trivia Edit

  • In Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, crawling enemies will die after a few seconds, when in Hotline Miami, enemies will continue crawling until you execute them.
  • Fat characters such as Martin Brown, Jake, and Mark kick the crawling enemy's head instead of snapping their neck.
  • Mercy Kills are unnecessary to end a level, and will still add to the player's score after clearing the level.
  • The crawling animation is used on both The Bodyguard before she's killed and Rachael Ward before she's raped. These are the only two times it's required to mount crawling enemies to end a level, though Biker is 'killed' in a similar position in Neighbors.
  • Alex has a unique mercy kill where she completely decapitates the victim and turns their head into a rolling physics object analogous to Biker's dropped helmet in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number and the ball sprites seen in several levels such as House Call.
  • Gang enemies have an unused chainsaw mercy kill crawl where their severed torso scoots away backward on their hands. Instead of this, the chainsaw defaults to the default blunt weapon crawl animation.
  • If you get a high amount of mercy kills in Hotline Miami, you'll be given a Chiropractor playstyle.
  • In game, Tony/Dirty Hands trigger the most mercy kills in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number as their only weapon is their fists.

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  • You can stop Jake's Dallas mask "Havoc" ability by performing a Mercy Kill.