A metal detector.

The Metal Detector is an intractable obstacle in Hotline Miami.



A metal detector upon activation, setting off an alarm.

The metal detector only appears in Chapter 13, Assault. Out of the entire level, six metal detectors appear.

The metal detector will sound an alarm if Jacket walks through them with a firearm (specifically the M16 or the Shotgun in this case). This alarm will alert nearby enemies.


  • Although metal detectors are a vital part of being used in banks, prisons and Police Stations, no metal detectors appear in the scenes: Final Cut, Release, Blood Money, and Caught.
    • The reason why metal detectors would not appear in Final Cut or Caught could be that they are set in "Movies".
    • It's most likely it didn't re-appear in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number because the levels are panicked and spread out by default, and adding in an enemy lure would break the design of them.

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