The Nail Gun is a firearm that is mainly obtainable by having Jake wear the Irvin mask, though it is freely placeable for him in the Level Editor. It is a silent weapon, similar to that of the Silenced Heavy Pistol but with a bigger ammo capacity and being less accurate. This offers Jake the advantage of taking out enemies without alerting nearby enemies to Jake's presence. The weapon has the least stopping power of any "gun" in Hotline Miami 2, being the only firearm Thug enemies can survive more than five shots from long enough to kill the player.

Statistics Edit

The Nail Gun is arguably the weakest 'gun' in the game, it has a 20 round magazine and a rate of fire that is only slightly higher than the Shotgun's, it is also the least accurate 'gun' in the game and it often takes multiple shots to kill enemies.

The main reason to use this weapon is the fact that it does not alert enemies when fired, allowed the player to silently kill enemies, it is also a starting weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • In real life it is impossible to fire a nail gun the way it is depicted in game as real nail guns usually have a safety on the barrel that is deactivated by pressure (usually this involves pushing the barrel against the target), meaning it would have to be either used as a melee weapon or have the safety manually deactivated by pulling it back with the off hand.
  • Even if the safety was somehow deactivated the nails would make rather ineffective projectiles due to their low velocity and tendency to tumble midair meaning they would most likely just bounce off harmlessly rather than cause a lethal wound.

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