Petrov (Петров) is a minor character and an antagonist that appears in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. He appears in two scenes throughout the whole game, first as the end of First Trial and in one of the outros of Withdrawal.

Both Petrov and his bodyguard, the VIP Guard, serve as minor antagonists towards Jake and Evan Wright.

Background Edit

Petrov is a senior member of the Russian Mafia that had survived the events of Hotline Miami. During the events of Hotline Miami, Petrov was responsible for interrogating the many masked men the Russian mob captured while attempting to raid their operations, such as Jake. Petrov and his fellow colleague, the VIP Guard, would both survive the wave of masked men attacking the mob and continued his career as a mobster.

In 1991, writer Evan Wright, looking for leads in researching his book about the Masked Maniac Killer, is sent to look for Petrov by his friend Detective Manny Pardo. Evan Wright reaches Petrov while he is in a sauna and he gives as much information as he can, telling Wright about how none of the captured masked men talked and how they all but destroyed the Russian mafia's operation.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Petrov's fate in the game is unknown. But it can be assumed that he was obliterated by the nuclear attacks on Miami.
  • Petrov only ever appears in bath houses: the large one in Hot & Heavy and the small one on the upper floor of First Trial.
  • When he is seen in the sauna in First Trial, he has a unique sprite unlike the common mobster sprite. But in one of the two outros of Withdrawal, he uses the same sprite as any other Russian mobster NPC or enemy seen in the game.

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