Phil is a mask obtainable in Hotline Miami. The mask depicts a fish and when worn by Jacket all in-game dialogue is translated to French. However, the grammar and word order are incorrect, suggesting that the developers most likely translated whole sentences through a translation device.

In Hotline Miami 2's Level Editor, the mask gives no perks.


This mask may be found in Chapter 19, Resolution. It is lying in a box underground with a pile of non-interactable masks.


  • This mask is a reference to Phillipe Poisson, better known as Phil Fish, the French-Canadian game developer known for the indie game Fez.
    • It being found next to the developer self-insert Janitors in the extremely meta password-less ending is likely a gag about Dennaton being indie developers.
  • The New Mask screen is displayed after the credits, then closing it makes the credits play again.