Stay away from me! ... Security! Security! Look... Sir... Please don't kill me! Please... I'll do anything!

The Phone Hom Manager is a minor character in Hotline Miami. He appears deceased in Neighbors, and has dialogue and has to be killed in the chapter Prank Call. He's a golfer, and has a safe behind a painting in his office, which itself is spacious and has many gold plates on the walls.

Events in Hotline MiamiEdit

The Phone Hom Manager is apparently the complicit party in the partnership between Phone Hom and 50 Blessings. He is the only required kill by Biker in the Phone Hom Headquarters, possibly because he's extremely loud, nervous and attempting to call security.

Trivia Edit

  • Daniels appears to be a slight edit and recolor of his facial sprite.
  • The gold plaque sprites along the walls in his office are seen in the trashed resort in Stronghold, as well as the Colombian mansion in Take Over.
  • A golf club is again used in a fight between two player characters in Apocalypse.

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