Enjoy your meal, and watch out for ghosts tonight, OK?

Pizza Dude[1], also known as the Pizza Guy or the Cashier, is a minor character in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

Background Edit

On Halloween, 1991, he charges Mark $14.50 for several pizzas. Seeing that Mark's apparently in Halloween costume, he jokingly warns him to look out for spooky ghosts. His face is covered in pimples, a gag on his profession.

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Trivia Edit

  • Notably the only occupied table in the Pizza Dude's pizzeria is full of rowdy, table-banging men, one of which has what might be a real revolver, and one of which has a parrot, similar to the one seen in the Colonel's room in the Hawaii missions.
  • Pizza Dude, along with Sweetheart and Tattoo Artist, is a call back to and parody of Beard's outros in Hotline Miami.
    • Unlike Beard, Pizza Dude is soberly presented as a fully mundane normal person who isn't of any personal significance to the Fans and charges them for food. He immediately notices that the Fans wear animal masks and comically accepts this as also normal. The Fans notably order three pizzas at once and never return to Pizza Dude in any of their outros, unlike Jacket who visited a pizza parlor three separate times. This establishes them as being quick burn outs.

References Edit

  1. His dialogue sprite is referred to as "Pizza Dude" in the cutscene maker in the Level Editor.