The Police Chief, also known as the Chief, is a minor character in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. He serves as the replacement of the first Police Chief seen in the first game. He is also briefly depicted as an antagonist in Manny Pardo's storyline.

Background Edit

He is first seen on November 5th, 1991, being examined by lawyers at Jacket's trial, where he mentions that Jacket's message tape in his phone had been removed. He also mentions that The Golden Truckstop appeared to be the source of the phone calls and had been linked to mafia activities, but starts to qualify that statement (possibly with "there wasn't enough evidence for a warrant," or "your client obtained the file by murdering dozens of police officers in cold blood"), but is cut off by Jacket's lawyer.

Manny Pardo tells the back up to the dock's bust to complain to the Chief on December 10th, and in the undated outro to Blood Money (possibly taking place a few days after the events of Death Wish and Apocalypse), he says the Chief will be riding him due to the amount of publicity the Miami Mutilator's getting.

That night, Pardo dreams that Evan has revealed his murders to the police and Pardo gets berated by the Chief for being the Miami Mutilator. Pardo noticeably spends all of Caught running away from the Chief, killing every other cop in the precinct.

This however, all turns out to be a nightmare, and that the Police Chief never even knew about Pardo being the Miami Mutilator.

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