Rasmus is one of the three internal voices Jacket occasionally visits in his coma dream during the first Hotline Miami. Rasmus is depicted as a red-lit man wearing an owl mask and mobster clothes. Rasmus is the only internal voice in the trio who doesn't want Jacket to be in the room, and will be extremely hostile towards him. He seems to represent harsh judgment and hostility and Jacket's conflation of both those things with the people he kills.

He is seen with two other internal voices:

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Dialogue Edit

Upon First Meeting:

"I don't know you! Why are you here? You're no guest of mine!"

Second Visit:

"Why did you come back here? You're not a nice person, are you? You make me sick!"

Third Visit:

"I told you not to come back here! I see that my opinion of you doesn't matter... If you insist on returning here, then I should leave!"

Trivia Edit

  • In official art, Rasmus wears the same clothes as the generic Russian mobster, so some form of connection between his hostility and Jacket's relationships with the Russians can be drawn here.
  • In the third meeting, Rasmus is the only one of the three personas with blood around his chair. The bathroom Jacket wakes up in will also have blood on the floor during this visit.
  • In the intro of the level Down Under, a person can be seen wearing the Rasmus mask behind the couch where The Fans are sitting, sitting on top of a box
  • In The Abyss, the Rasmus Mask is worn by a hobo doing Corey's shrug animation from Into the Pit.

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