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Richter is a character in Hotline Miami.

Richter (unmasked)
Alternate names None
Location Unknown
Executable? Yes

He first appears to the player in the second half of Jacket's story line, washing his face in the bathroom behind the counter of the convience store, although he cannot be interacted with. He is later seen standing next to the corpses of the nearly-identical shop and bar owners. Richter responds to Jacket's presence with disdain, generally urging the player to leave the establishment.


Beard has been "replaced" by Richter in Jacket's nightmares as a result. This might have to do with the fact that he was sent by the Janitors to eliminate Jacket

He is later found in Jacket's apartment, sitting on the couch, having just killed Hooker. After a brief one-sided conversation, Richter shoots Jacket. Later on, Richter has been arrested for the murder, and Jacket confronts him in the jail cell during Chapter 13, Assault. Richter reveals he does not understand the events at play and shooting Hooker was "nothing personal". The player can either shoot him, then strangle him to death or spare him.

During Richter's stay in Jacket's apartment he is wearing the Richter mask. This same mask can be found and picked up on the final floor of Chapter 13. If worn, the player starts the chapter with a silenced uzi, the same weapon Richter used to kill Hooker and to shoot Jacket in his nightmares.

It is rumored that Richter will reappear in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, however his side of the story will be added to clarify his appearance in the first game.

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