Richter is an unlockable mask in Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, taking the appearance of a rat. It bears the name of the Assassin in Hotline Miami, Richter. When worn by Jacket, it provides the player with a Silenced Uzi at the start of the chapter. When worn by Richter in Hotline Miami 2, no bonus is given.


Hotline Miami Edit


The Richter Unlock screen after Assault. The Zack Mask is also unlocked on this level.

The Richter Mask can be found in the final stage of Chapter 13, Assault, on a counter in the evidence room furthest to the north, lying next to a non-usable silenced uzi.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Edit

The Mask is worn by Richter in the first three Scenes of Act 5: Intermission: First Blood, Demolition, and House Call. It is also worn by Richter in The Table Sequence. It offers no perk, as starting a level with a Silenced Uzi would make the levels "too easy." [1]


  • The assassin Richter waiting in Jacket's apartment at the end of Chapter 11, Deadline, is wearing a Richter mask and wields a Silenced Uzi.
  • The Silenced Uzi is possibly a reference to the one in Pulp Fiction that Butch uses to kill Vincent in his apartment bathroom, similar to how Richter kills The Girl.
  • The name Richter is German and means "judge."
    • It's also the name of Michael Ironside's analogous role as the secondary antagonist of Total Recall; he's similarly a low level enforcer with little knowledge or power, and is tasked to kill an amnesiac man he's secretly affiliated with.