Rouven Blankenfeld or The Director is a minor character in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. He appears on Midnight Animal and Final Cut. He is the screenwriter and director of the movie Midnight Animal, based on the 1989 masked Russian Mafia killings. He also appears in Manny Pardo's hallucinations and dreams in Homicide and Caught.

In the Midnight Animal intro to Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, he berates Martin Brown and Rachael Ward for not playing their characters archetypal enough, urging Martin to be rougher and Rachael to act more scared and helpless.


Rouven Blankenfeld wears an orange cap and shirt. He also wears a vest and black pants. His eyes are shadowed out in his mugshot, and has long auburn hair, a moustache and a goatee.


  • Rouven Blankenfeld speaks the very first line of dialogue in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.
  • Rouven Blankenfeld is the name of a real life director in Germany.
  • Rouven Blankenfeld's portrait resembles The Janitors' portraits but with a different hat colour.
  • Rouven is possibly the unidentified and capped photographer in Ambush, as he's the only named character in the series who uses a camera. If this is true, it could explain why Evan is apparently in the buffet line in Final Cut and the favor that Evan owes Pardo, also in line.
  • Rouven is at least partially a surreal entity (in his appearances to Manny Pardo).
  • It's possible that Rouven is the man at the top of the Hotline Miami 2 poster, the other likely possibility being the Jonatan Janitor.
  • Rouven is identified by his gray clothes and orange cap.
  • The script Rouven's given Martin in Final Cut is inconsistent with what actually happens in the movie. Rouven possibly gave Martin a faked script to give him a more genuine reaction. Alternatively Martin keeps an early version of the script that he values.

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