The Russian Captives held hostage by Beard's Unit, with Barnes beating up a Heavy and Jacket pointing an MP5 at the back of the head of a weeping Russian Soldier.

The Russian Captives are a group of minor characters seen in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. They are a group of seven Soviet soldiers captured by Beard's Unit on March 17th, 1985.


The dead Russian Intelligence Officer.

Events of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Edit

After clearing out several Russian encampments in the Hawai'i jungle, Beard rendezvouses with Barnes, Jacket, and Daniels near a Russian intelligence hut. Outside the hut Barnes is severely beating a Heavy to a pulp. If Beard approaches, Barnes will comment that the Heavy looks a bit like Daniels. Nearby, a cigarette-smoking Jacket presses an MP5 into the back of the head of a crying Russian soldier. Four other Russian soldiers with randomized sprites are adjacent to Jacket.

Inside the hut with Daniels, the corpse of a Russian Intelligence Officer is shot once through the head on top of a map of the local region. Whether he killed himself or was brutally interrogated is never elaborated; the latter is more likely as there appears to be a gunshot wound on the back of his head, which would have been difficult for the officer to inflict on himself. Daniels comments that now that they have the intel it'd be easier to kill all the Russian captives than take them back to camp, but sighs before the scene transitions to Into the Pit. The fate of the Russian captives is never addressed, but torture and disposal of bodies is touched on in Into the Pit.

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