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Save file

How a completed save file looks upon opening

Hotline Miami stores unlocked weapons/masks/levels and level scores inside a single file. This file is located in hotline_miami (game's main directory) with the filename "saves.dat". This file may be easily edited to unlock weapons, masks etc. via the use of a text editor such as notepad.

Before making any edits to saves.dat, create a backup copy of it in a safe location in case anything should go wrong.

Some of the achievement progress is stored in a separate file called achievements.dat. This file is just as editable as saves.dat

Possible errorsEdit

  • Setting the overall score or changing the unlocked weapons can screw up the weapon unlock progression. The game may end up thinking that a negative amount is required to unlock a weapon.
  • (Steam) Achievements may not register properly if the achievement's condition was satisfied during save file editing rather than during gameplay.

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